Have You Checked Your Home For Radon?

picture of Albany New YorkWith January being National Radon Action Month, the Health Department has released information regarding the presence of the substance and its health impact.

“Radon becomes a problem and health threat to you and your family when radon gas enters your home and becomes trapped. Exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., after smoking. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that lung cancer caused by radon exposure kills about 21,000 Americans every year,” officials said in a news release.

“Radon gas moves from the soil into a home. Radon can leak through cracks in your basement or slab, through the dirt floor of your crawl space, or through openings around your sump pump,” they said.

There is more than one type of radon-detection test, but health department officials say the most commonly used device for making short-term radon measurements in homes is the charcoal canister.

Once a test yields a result, homeowners can then determine if mitigation is needed.

Source: https://www.uticaod.com/news/20190104/have-you-checked-your-home-for-radon

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