Better Wet Outside Than Inside

Water leaking into the house foundation.

Is there a way to tell if your basement will leak, or already has a leak that you can’t see?

Just because your basement is surrounded on three or four sides by dirt is enough information to know that it will develop a leak sometime in the future.

Maybe that finished basement wall is already hiding a leak or maybe your house will develop a leak before the end of the year. 

It’s all kind of a crap shoot, but your basement will leak at some point.

Just look at everything that is going on around your house that could create a problem in the future:

  • Your gutters can get clogged by leaves and lack of cleaning. clogged gutter can lead to leaks and allow water to pour over the edge or come around behind them. That water all goes straight to the foundation of your home.
  • Your landscaping may be channeling water towards your foundation. Over the years, erosion occurs leaving your landscape unleveled.
  • Your down-spouts aren’t moving the water far enough away from your house. 10’ at the minimum say the professionals. 5’ says building code. Your little plastic splashers that came with the house are probably only 3’.
See the problem? 

And those are just the things going on above ground. 

Other issues include:

  • If you have a French drain around the outside of the house it may be clogged, or have had landscaping roots grow through it ripping it up.
  • It could be coming in from the hydrostatic pressure that forces water up through cracks in the floor, or gaps where the floor meets the wall, or through the basement wall itself.
The problem with water is that it doesn’t know any better. It goes where there is a gap. Add that to the problem with concrete is that is made to crack, and you have a bona fide indoor water problem.

Ok, so what to do…

  • Keep those gutters clean and in good shape.
  • Keep the leaves off your roof.
  • Have a professional come out and clean those gutter once a year.
  • Extend those down-spouts. Get them out away from the house. 10 ft.
  • If you are going to finish your basement, have a professional water-proofing company come and inspect your house first. Let them do the service that they do so well and give you a little peace of mind.

Will it cost you a little money? Yes, but it will save you money in the long run.

One more thing – some of these things you need to do every year. Add them to your calendar.


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