CVS respond to pharmacist infected with coronavirus

Coronavirus in New York: Data Center

Coronavirus cases hit 142 in NYS, up 35% in 1 day, Gov. Cuomo unveils state hand sanitizer

Newest Deepening Concern: CORONAVIRUS in Upstate New York
The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a disturbing global development. Coronaviruses are a massive family of viruses.

How Indoor Air Can Make You Healthier
Here are five key questions you can add to your better-breathing checklist to make sure you’re making the most of your indoor air.

We Found Asbestos Buried in our Garden, What Should We Do?
Burying asbestos, whether it’s in a garden, farm, or public land, is incredibly dangerous, not only for yourself, but for other people who may disturb the soil at a later date.

Fixer-Uppers Aren’t As Good of a Deal as Homebuyers Thought
If you’re in the market for a house and think a fixer-upper can save you some cash, think again. The average total cost of buying and #renovating the home came to $275,741 approximately $25,000 more than the average cost of a turnkey house.

Studies Show How Homes Can Pollute Indoor Air
Studies find that our activities in our home can pollute the air we breathe indoors. And some of those compounds may harm our health.

Testing For Lead At Home In Albany NY
Living with lead, a neurotoxin that can cause low IQs, behavioral and learning issues for children in Albany, NY.

11 Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Home
Most of us are aware of the glaringly obvious hazards that lurk beneath our roofs but there are also a number of hidden dangers in our homes that we should not ignore.

NYS schools not required to test for radon
You can't see, smell or taste it but radon can be deadly.

5 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Pure This Winter
Indoor air may carry unhealthy contaminates, and neglecting air quality inside your home can lead to asthmatic conditions.

Signs of Mold in House
Common signs to look for when determining mold inside the home.

Five Steps to Proper Mold Remediation
a basic process for quickly remediating mold problems.

Have You Checked Your Home For Radon?
Exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., after smoking.

How To Prevent Mold In The Basement
Mold can grow in any place with sufficient sources of moisture, organic feeding material and oxygen, making the basement the best place for mold growth.

Vermiculite Insulation in Your Attic May Contain Asbestos
The concern with vermiculite insulation material is that in some cases it has been known to contain asbestos fibres.

So You Think You've Got Mold
How to spot and prevent mold.

What Is Radon And Why Should I Care?
Radon is a radioactive, tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that escapes from the ground.

Keep Mold Out Of Your Home
Mold cannot grow in the absence of moisture

Understanding the Risks of Lead Paint
The city would create a database of public housing apartments that contain lead paint by inspecting some 130,000 units.

How To Prep Your Home For Allergy Season
According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, roughly 7.8 percent of adults suffer from hay fever.

Better Wet Outside Than Inside
Now that we are in a rainy season, it is important to keep watch for leaks in your basement.

We Can’t Afford To Ignore Indoor Air Quality – Our Lives Depend On It
We often talk about healthy living and quality of life but have you considered the quality of the air you breathe?

Albany Officials Offer Tips to Keep Pipes From Freezing This Winter
Officials in Albany are among our area communities reminding residents to check on pipes

Why Asbestos Exposure Is Still Making People Sick
Younger populations continue to suffer asbestos-related medical issues despite efforts to reduce exposure from the toxic mineral.

Why DIY Mold Removal Does More Harm Than Good
When it comes to mold removal in your house or trying to clean mold yourself, DIY is not a good idea.

Asbestos May Be In Your Home: 3 Things To Know
The Environmental Protection Agency is considering more restrictions on the use of asbestos, the cancer-causing fiber that’s more common in Fort Collins than you might expect

Get Ready. Winter’s Coming. Spray Foam Insulation Can Protect You in More Ways than You Can Imagine.
Almost every winter, there is a renewed interest in finding the best way to insulate your home, business or virtually any facility where protection from the elements is critical.

5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Humidifier
Static hair, nosebleeds and cracked skin are all signs that dry, cold winter weather has arrived. Great.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter
With fall soon to give way to winter, many people will soon be spending more time indoors.

Low-Cost Ways to Improve Energy Use During Winter
Heating costs can throw a wrench into your winter budget.
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