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An air purifier can help protect the health of everyone in your home. However, the wrong air purifier is more than just a waste of money, it also fails to protect your health. Ordinary HEPA air purifiers can stop some of the airborne contaminants in the air you breathe. Healthway is proven to filter tiny ultrafine particles, the most harmful of all.

Indoor air pollution is a serious global problem, and standard air filtration is no longer the answer. Most air cleaners cannot capture and neutralize ultrafine particles, which have been linked to disease and premature death. The Ultrafine Series of air cleaning devices feature patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology, envisioned and made in the USA by Intellipure. They’re the world’s most advanced air filtration systems.


  • Intellipure Ultrafine 468 – Designed for medium to larger spaces, the Ultrafine 468 is the world’s most powerful and energy-efficient air cleaner. This system traps microorganisms for continuous germicidal exposure and captures particles down to 0.007 micron in size. When on low or sleep mode, it only uses 1 watt per hour. So, 24/7 operation costs as little as $1 a month. Furthermore, it provides the highest CFM (cubic feet per minute of air flow) per decibel level of noise in its category, making it the quietest air purifier of its kind. Also, it features our proprietary capacitance touch control, providing seamless fan speed operation.
  • Pure Room Patient and In-Home Customized Platforms – If one place in this world should make you feel good, it’s home. PURE makes sure thats the case, providing the most comprehensive healthy indoor environments for your home.  We are committed to carrying the PURE possibility of a clear, confident and consistent allergy-friendly lifestyle right into your home. Our hypoallergenic bedding fabrics and state-of-the-art air purification products protect you from airborne allergens, bacteria, mold and dust mites so you can breathe free and live PURE—without boundaries—in a clean, fresh and healthy home environment. 


1. Deep Clean Air-Handling Unit. Deep Clean Air-Handling Unit. A PURE heating and air conditioning unit along with air clean filters results in healthier air circulating throughout the room. Coils are deep cleaned and disinfected using PURE’s advanced treatment. And finally, an enzyme-based drip-pan tablet is in place to ensure maximum protection and minimum allergy at home or in partner hotels.

2. PURE Tea Tree Oil Cartridge. Tea tree oil is a natural substance known for its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. A cartridge of this tea tree oil is installed in the air-handling unit to maintain sanitized conditions.

3. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Our patented PURE clean solution is used to maximize the removal of dirt, bacteria and mold from all soft surfaces that traditional cleaners leave behind.

4. One Time Shock Treatment. This advanced shock treatment destroys nearly all of the mold and bacteria in every nook and cranny of the room, removing any lingering odors caused by these and other contaminants, including but not limited to cigar or cigarette smoke, pets, or other unpleasant sources. The result is a fresh, crisp, environment.

5. PURE Shield. This bacteriostatic barrier is applied to all room surfaces to repel microorganisms that cause illness and discomfort, and prevent their growth. Our advanced shield process makes it nearly impossible for bacteria viruses to survive in a PURE environment.

6. Air Purification System. PURE’s air purifier is 24-hour defense against airborne irritants. Listed by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, PURE’s state-of-the-art system is proven to kill 98% to 100% of bacteria and viruses.

7. Allergy-Friendly Bedding. PURE’s personal protection continues. Aside from air clean filters, PURE uses only micro-fiber, mono-filament mattress and pillow encasements for lesser risks of allergy at home


Our line of commercial air purifiers has been developed to provide innovations for any situation, from rugged industrial shops to small office buildings. Learn more right here about all the different ways HealthWay can purify your air – the solution to your indoor air problems is below.

2000 SC

Self-Contained – Independent Blower

The modular design of the 2000 SC applies our DFS technology to any airflow criteria, and due to its independent blower, it can retrofit with any HVAC system. It can also be installed as a standalone unit above ceiling space to treat targeted areas.

Patented DFS Technology

99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns

Zero loss – restriction of airflow

Four times the filter loading capacity than a typical HEPA filter

Improved energy savings compared to HEPA

Nominal Flow – 2000 CFM

VOC Adsorption | Photo Catalytic Oxidation (optional)

2000 IL

Inline System – No Blower

Nothing gives engineers the freedom of the 2000 IL; it can be custom-fitted during the design stage of any HVAC system, and operates at half the pressure drop of HEPA (0.5 – 0.6 inch water gauge static pressure @ 2000 CFM Nominal Flow).

Patented DFS Technology

99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns

Huge energy savings compared to HEPA filters

Modular design meets any airflow criteria

Three times longer filter life than HEPA Filtration

1200 SC

Self-Contained – Independent Blower

With a similar design as the 2000 SC, the 1200 SC also provides similar benefits – it’s ideal for standalone installations above ceiling space due to its smaller height and footprint. It’s also very effective for flush-outs at the time of new building construction, and for treating multiple areas on a single floor.

Patented DFS Technology

99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns

Modular design meets any airflow criteria

Zero Pressure Drop – Auxiliary Blower Design

Three times longer filter life than HEPA Filtration

Huge energy savings compared to HEPA

Nominal Flow – 1200 CFM

700 CM

Ceiling Mount System

The 700 CM is as convenient as it gets – it’s a cinch to install, and its automatic servo mechanism provides ease of servicing and filter replacement. Ideal for treating midsize areas like conference spaces, restaurants and health clubs, it operates at four different speeds to provide different cleaning rates depending on the application.

Ducted design to treat multiple areas

Higher dust loading capacity and lifespan compared to HEPA

Larger surface area and lower pressure drop than HEPA

Hydrated Photo Catalytic Oxidation (optional)

950 P

Portable DFS Air Cleaning System

Delivers high CFM with low energy consumption

Mobile Design – built in 3.5” safety lock swivel casters, full width handle for easy movement

Multiple Fan Speeds – four fan speeds for ease of control

99.99% DFS Filtration Efficiency – down to a size of 0.007 microns

Independent Air flow/Distribution Control – to facilitate placement anywhere in the space

Patented V-Bank Filter – increases surface area and provides higher dust loading capacity

Ease of Maintenance – quick release filter access from the back side of the unit

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