Bed bugs discovered in NYS office buildings

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) - The New York State Comptroller’s Office says a bedbug situation was not widespread and is now under control. It was cause for some concern from employees.

Blood-hungry insects, known as bedbugs, are the newest residents of 110 State Street.

“Bed bugs are present on the 8th floor and that the problem’s being taken care of.”

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office confirmed there was an “isolated incident of the pests.”

The office says a pest company has taken care of it and employees are protected.

A state employee says the bedbugs moved in on the 8th floor but were met overnight with exterminators.

“I’m fine as long as they’re taking care of the situation.”

Our investigation began with several anonymous tips, one reads:

“Hundreds of people work in the building and it is so easy for those nasty pests to travel.” It’s signed by a “concerned employee".

In fact, the dozens of people we spoke with outside the building refused to go on camera not wanting any trouble at work but most told us, they’re not bugging out over it.

“It was a little worrisome but as long as they sent us out that memo out and made us aware.”

The memo sent to state employees by management says the bedbugs were brought in from an outside source:

“We strongly advise that each of you do your part to ensure your home environment is free of any pests in order to prevent re-contamination.”

It also says a re-inspection will be done in the near future to ensure the bed bugs’ demise. For now, the issue appears to be all fright and no bite.

In the email, to employees, it says live bugs may continue to be seen up until 48 hours after treatment and asks employees to report any pests to management.

The State Office Building at 40 North Pearl Street, the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, also confirmed two bed bug sightings. One was on the March 22nd and the other was on March 30th.

Officials say both situations were remediated.

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