Infestation and poor management at Rensselaer senior living facility

RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Residents at a senior living facility are speaking out about their poor living conditions.

They’re saying enough is enough and that it’s time to get the respect they deserve.

Even the parking lot outside the Renwyck Apartments could be dangerous.

There are sheets of ice and it doesn’t look like any salt has been put down recently.

But inside the conditions are even worse.

“Everywhere I have these roach things,” said Pat Hughes, Renwyck Apartments resident.

Hughes apartment is one big trap for cockroaches or any other invaders that come her way.

She’s facing one problem after another living at Renwyck in Rensselaer.

People are living with mold and varmints in their apartments, cockroaches are coming out of walls and some are finding bedbugs in their sheets and their packages stolen. There are even squatters in the buildings from time to time.

Elevators aren’t reliable and neither is the management. A laundry list of issues include generators and water fountains that don’t work, water leaks and heat and air conditioning problems in the winter and summer months.

“I would walk from my door, you don’t know how far to even the elevator and collapse,” Hughes said.

People living here said no one seems to listen or care about their situation. Typical quarantine protocols aren’t being followed.

They’re currently in a transition period with management but they said that’s not an excuse.

“The trust level, the community level has slid down so far that people are literally afraid,” Hughes said.

They’re concerned for their health and security and feel what’s been happening is almost criminal.

“You’re breathing it all the time. I’ve got three or four machines in there that I have to use,” said George Mosher, resident of Renwyck Apartments.

George Mosher can’t sleep at night because the conditions are so bad in his apartment, as he already suffers from COPD and is now living with mold.

“It’s a health hazard as far as I’m concerned,” Mosher said.

But, the problem for Mosher, Hughes and the rest of these residents is that no one is listening to them and it doesn’t help that they are in the process of changing management.

The Chairman of the Rensselaer County Legislature is requesting the Department of Housing contact the Attorney General’s office to investigate the problems here and at another facility in the city.

“These seniors can’t do it all on their own,” Stammel said

Hughes hopes Stammel’s involvement will make a difference.

“My life’s work, the 45 years I worked and paid taxes involved being an advocate for people less fortunate. Now I’m one of those who needs both to advocate for myself and my community here,” Hughes said. “I live in that hope that things will be better than it is right now.”

NEWS10 ABC reached out to Global Ministries which previously owned Renwyck Apartments; including Millenia Housing Management which is in the process of currently taking on ownership. NEWS10 ABC also reached out to the Department of Housing. Currently, none of these organizations or agencies have replied.

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