Asbestos discovered in neighborhood

DAVIDSON, N.C. -- People living in a Davidson neighborhood are worried about how much exposure they've had to asbestos. 

State officials discovered that it came from the site of a former asbestos shingles factory nearby. 

"When it rains you can see clay looking mud, so it's here," said Joanne Archie. "I know it's here."

Archie looked on as workers began removing trees and vegetation across the street from her home. The state Department of Environmental Quality says they've been exposed to asbestos.

"The EPA had a full disclosure about asbestos being in our front yard, back yard," said Amer Raja.

Raja lives here, too, and says the word that asbestos had spread to his home was alarming.

"Just concerned about my 2-year-old son," Raja said.

The state says asbestos-containing material was first identified in the fall after heavy rainfall eroded a slope on the site where Carolina Asbestos Company used to produce asbestos shingles between the 1930s and 1960s. They believe the asbestos-contaminated rain water flowed onto two residential streets nearby. 

Archie says she grew up here. She had lung cancer back in 2012. 

"I think the asbestos had a lot to do with it because I worked in that mill we played in that mill yard," Archie said. "Every child in Davidson did that."

Raja is grateful that he's seeing some action start to take place, in hopes that this problem gets resolved quickly.

"I don't think everyone wants to walk around wearing a mask on their face," Raja said.

But the work being done now isn't enough to make Archie feel any better about the health hazard.

"A little too late," Archie said. "It should've been done years ago."

Contractors are going to place clean soil and fiber matting over the area to stabilize the slope and prevent this from happening again. The work is expected to take four days.


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