Syracuse Study: Indoor Air Quality Impacts Work Production

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Many of our viewers may not be familiar with the impressive work that is conducted at the Syracuse Center of Excellence every day.  The green facility, built at the bottom of the SU hill five years ago, has been the site of numerous air quality studies.

Most recently a team of researchers from Syracuse, SUNY Upstate Medical, and Harvard University's collaborated on some research using 24 people locally. Those individuals conducted their office jobs in the COE's fifth floor lab over six days.

The individuals were closely analyzed under changing of conditions of temperature, humidity, and light.  Results showed better cognitive performance in improved air quality settings.  

"By comparing the days in which the office was operated as normal offices, compared to offices that were operated as clean offices, we were able to see differences in their cognitive performance," Suresh Santanam, a SU biomedical and chemical engineering professor.

"All these boxes and pipes and wires enable us to very carefully control all of the conditions in what seems to be an ordinary office space," said Syracuse COE Executive Director Ed Bogucz.

The study was published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal last month and more information about it can be accessed through the Harvard University website.

Officials locally say more studies like this will continually lead companies all over the world to enhance their air quality settings in the workplace.


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